Grants – conditions for applicants

Travel grants

  1. Types of travel grants

CSC may give grants to support the following educational activities of young cardiologists:

  1. Short trips to ESC congresses (ag. ESC annual congresses or its associations)
  2. Medium-term foreign internships lasting up to 3 months
  3. Trips to congresses financed from extraordinary financial income
  1. Conditions for applicants
  1. Age at time of application up to 35 years
  2. Applicant must be a member of CSC at least 2 years
  3. Permission of the head of department
  4. The applicant can apply only once (not applicable for type c grants)
  5. Travel aid applications must be submitted no later than February of the calendar year in which the trip takes place (not applicable for type c grants)
  1. Maximum aid amount
  1. 30.000 for ESC Congresses
  2. 100.000 for internships abroad
  3. Maximum funds invested corresponding to a maximum of the total amount of doantion received for given purposes from third parties and/ or 500.000 from funds obtained from company activities
  4. The amount will be drawn on the basis of a concluded contract between CSC and the applicant, after the end of the event, after submitting all receipts. In the case of a recommendation by the grant committee, it is possible to grant the applicant an advance prior to the trip.

Grants to support education materials

  1. CSC may award grants for the creation of educational materials for the patients and the creation of company´s website
  2. Grant committee and CSC Board decide about the amount  and method of financing such projects.



Allocation of grants

  1. All  formalities associated with grants (including evaluation) are carried out by 3-member committee of the CSC Board, which will be for period 6/2019-6/2023 consisted of:  prof. A.Linhart, prof. Táborský, prof. M. Hutyra
  2. The final grant allocation is approved by  CSC Board

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