New ESC Board (2016 -2018)

  4. 8. 2016

2016 – 2018 ESC Board,
Nominating Committee and Audit Committee


·        Jeroen BAX

President Elect:  
·        Barbara CASADEI

Vice Presidents:  
·        Bela MERKELY
·        Lina BADIMON
·        Stefan ANKER

Secretary / Treasurer:  
·        Ian GRAHAM

·        Hector BUENO
·        Cecilia LINDE
·        Sarah CLARKE
·        Christophe LECLERCQ
·        Donna FITZSIMONS
·        Franz WEIDINGER



Representatives of National Societies:  6 positions

·        Keith FOX
·        Frans VAN DE WERF
·        Martin BORGGREFE
·        Kurt HUBER
·        Eva SWAHN
·        Hélène ELTCHANINOFF

Representatives of Associations, Working Groups and Councils:  6 positions

·        Patrizio LANCELLOTTI
·        Antonio PELLICCIA
·        Andrew COATS
·        Christie DEATON
·        Petar SEFEROVIC
·        Martine GILARD



Representative of Associations, Working Groups and Councils:  1 position

·        Jose Lopez SENDON

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