8th International Conference on Nuclear Cardiology

  29. 4. 2007

Dear Colleagues,

The 8th International Conference of Nuclear Cardiology (ICNC8) will be held from 29 April to 2 May 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most attractive cities in Eastern Europe for its architecture, and as well as for its rich history and culture.

This venue marks the International Congress of Nuclear Cardiology's first journey beyond the usual western European environment and will hopefully encourage many attendees from more eastern locales to attend this excellent conference.

In addition to the focus of ICNC8 on the needs of practitioners, the conference will also emphasize innovative cardiac imaging with nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT techniques.

Researchers and policy makers in cardiac imaging will also have a variety of educational opportunities. Most importantly, however, is that ICNC will facilitate dialogue among experts and the clinical users of nuclear cardiology from around the world.

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We look forward to this fruitful, four day conference and hope to see you there.

Jeroen Bax and Robert Hendel 

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